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That Is Beautiful, Horrifying And Fascinating All At Once

ᵒₒᵒᴼᵒₒൠ------------------------------ൠₒᵒᴼᵒₒᵒ -----------------LARVOPOLI----------------- -------------------------by------------------------ ᵒₒᵒᴼᵒₒൠ------ⓛⓤⓐⓝⓐ------ൠₒᵒᴼᵒₒᵒ Caterpillar becomes Butterfly

Urban Legend Debunked: Rats Don't Outnumber People in NYC

Contrary to an urban legend, there are not as many rats as people in New York City, a new study shows. A statistician says a generous estimate for the rat population would be 2 million — far fewer than New York's 8 million people.