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I can't name all the things you have helped me pick up the peaces and put them back together again only the right way this time. I am grea full for that.

Moms who work and moms who stay at home surround us, and I’ve learned that one size does not fit all. But one God does. He creates a beautiful work in and through each of our lives. We’ll be most fulfilled when we embrace every part of the unique life God has planned for us. - Lysa TerKeurst

CONGRATULATIONS to the Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Maureen Ivey!!!! Maureen found her perfect dress here at Absolute Bridal... she then worked with the on-staff seamstress for the dream fit... we also created a custom veil out of her left over hem lace to match the dress perfectly and we took a piece of her loved one’s hankerchief to create a heart on the inside of her gown for an added peice of specialness... Brian brought his suit to our in-store seamstress for a better fit. They were the ideal…

When your not loved your partner gets you arrested and lies to get back at you so you can't see your kids. But he is smart and knows so he moves quickly; Its ok that chief of poilce helped her. She wasnt a victim of anything but her guilty self... Sone women think because they keep the kids they won think about that.

Traveling is risky business. While it’s physically safe to travel, being away from home poses unique risks to your marriage if your character and integrity are weak. In fact, you’ll face the temptations and integrity-compromising situations I’ll be discussing in everyday life, but during solo travel they’re much more apparent.