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Alexandrine Tinne (1835 – 1869) daughter of a Dutch merchant, was an explorer in Africa and the first European woman to attempt to cross the Sahara. She became an excellent photographer. Her work can be seen at the Haags Gemeentearchief (Municipal Archive of The Hague).

Alexandrine Tinné was a Dutch explorer in the mid 19th century. She and her mother ventured far up the Nile hoping to find its source, but had to turn back because of sickness. She then journeyed westward toward the Congo. Her mother died and she returned to Cairo, but later set out on a new expedition to find the Touareg people of the Sahara. She was captured and murdered by Touaregs, and her body was never found. A friend brought her uniquely valuable ethnographic collections to England.

Alexandrine Tinne, by Henri Auguste d'Ainecy Montpezat. For her first extensive journey in Central Africa Alexine Tinne left Europe in the summer of 1861 for the White Nile regions. Staying at the famous Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo, and accompanied by her mother and her aunt, she set out on 9 January 1862. After a short stay at Khartoum the party ascended the White Nile to Gondokoro, where they were forced to return reaching Khartoum on 20 November.