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A woman dressed in junihitoe holding a hiogi

A lacquer hako-netsuke By Ikeda Taishin, 19th century Of rounded square form, the base of fundame-nuri and the cover lacquered with a mass of kiku blooms in gold and coloured takamakie, the interior of light brown lacquer, signed Taishin.

Japanese Samurai Suits - Shogun Art - Samurai Armor

Ahhh summer~ The young persimmons on the trees are still green this time of…

Ainu indigenous people in Japan and Russia

A suit of woven Japanese, "Samurai"-style armor on display at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio.

Ainu man with his tools and weapon from "The Customs of Hokkaido tribe" series, ca. 1910

Ainu women on Sakhalin island, Russia