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In 1944, President FDR proposed an Economic Bill of Rights. They were that every American has the right to a job, an adequate wage and decent living, a decent home, medical care, economic protection during sickness, accident, old age or unemployment, and a good education. If these goals didn't make him a 'socialist' then, why do they make anyone a 'socialist' now? We expected all that, the American dream, from our government. FDR is the reason we have term limits on the Presidency!

146 Million Reasons to End American Capitalism

Frantz Omar Fanon (1925-1961) was a Martinican psychiatrist and essayist. Psychiatrist, writer, anti-colonialist fighter, Frantz Fanon marked the 20th century by his thought and action, despite a brief life stricken by illness.

According to Bede's library, "witchcraft was an imaginary crime." This site is devoted to the decline of the witchcraft trials in Europe. It surveys the last (according to official records) witches to be executed and much of the research done in the field. Its usefulness lies in its notes.

If your underlying diet is poor (too much processed meat, not enough exercise), then high protein intake may be an issue.

The Affordable Care Act proving successful, much to the chagrin of republicans. Thank you because if not for this Healthcare I would never be able to pay for insurance or my meds.