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Check out this blog post for more information about the story maker iPad app which allows students to create stories using text, voice, and pictures.

"when you're really hungry but theres nothing to eat so you just walk around in you kitchen opening all the cabinets over and over again just incase something magically appears "

Sometimes, I'll watch a movie that I watched when I was younger and suddenly realize I had no idea what was going on when I first saw it.

" I borrowed by sister's laptop and came across this. It started out normal, but escalated pretty quickly. "

Google Earth gives you the opportunity to go and see anywhere in the world… so what do you do? You go and look at your house.

"Who else has more than one alarm just to wake up?"

"I follow my kids' social media closely. I noticed my daughter was following Trump and his campaign on Twitter. When I asked her about it, she replied "Always know your enemy." Parenting Win! "

An easy way to integrate technology into your 3rd grade or 5th grade classroom. Use Blabberize to create talking pictures - a creative and fun way for students to present information they have learned.

‼️ free apps and filters on @vsco.requests ‼️ ⠀ // pastel filter ⠀ ❁ looks best with: bright pictures! ⠀ ❁ ps: f2 is free ⠀ ❁ pps: click the link in my bio to get all of the filters for free! I posted a tutorial on @vsco.requests if you need help