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Magic the Gathering Cookie Cutter Kit

Make cookies for your next Magic the Gathering gathering! This kit contains all 5 Magic the Gathering cookie cutters, black, blue, red, green and

MTG proxy magic the gathering proxies cards black core/blue core/white core/german paper proxy from $0.3 check photos on send email to to order any cards

Found a few of my favorite color combos and threw them together. ( magic the gathering Rakdos Selesnya Boros Dimir Orzhov Gruul )

These are my gods (Magic : the Gathering )
from 9GAG

These are my gods (Magic : the Gathering )

Fantasy gods (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Good bit of inspiration here- and I'm keen to discuss ideas with folks at any time if you want to comment below :D Edit: Gods from the "Theros" block of Magic the Gathering

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Magic The Gathering Rose

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

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Tips To Build a Magic: the Gathering Deck for Beginners

A guide for beginners on how to build your first Magic the Gathering deck. Contains strategies and tips to construct a competitive deck.