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If You Met My Family You Would Understand by AwesomeBestFriendsTs #christmasgift

Wanelo--Again, I would cry if someone bought me this. No you wouldn't - remember that is just somebody else's opinion - it has nothing to do with you. That's one of the laws of living well.

Love the drum line cadence..even if it's the only thing the band is doing when marching down the street....

If you were satisfied with yours, you wouldn't even have the time to think about mine!

Yes, this is true! I enjoy all the feelings and all those little moments that I will remember forever!

Every second of the day, not just when it is convent for them. Some woman and men will never be a real parent.

Yes, I'm a hunter. This is why I am getting into hunting.

Over and over again, I stayed. Forgetting every word you'd ever said and letting fall every thing I'd ever loved...until one day I couldn't keep going to war with myself, with my friends, with my family. --M.

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