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YOGA SEQUENCE: TITTIBHASANA / FIREFLY POSE WARM UP: Sun salutations A & B x5 each google if unsure 1. MALASANA 10mins If 10mins is not possible then do less, this applies to the whole sequence 2. LIZARD POSE 2mins Like warrior 1 legs with heels hip width & go as low as you can to open the hips 3. PYRAMID POSE 1min Shorten the stance slightly from lizard pose and straighten the front leg, fold inside the leg if elbows touch down lift front ball of foot 4. PRASARITA PADOTANASANA 1min I…

Anya:*looks at Mettaton*Is this our love child?

Suede short dress black tights high heels and lacquered gold watch - As first seen on blog "Help! I have nothing to wear" here: Suede short dress black tights high heels and lacquered gold watch She is wearing tights similar here: Black Semi Opaque Tights These tights with their supersoft feel and slenderizing design will make you feel like a queen and have you looking like one too! Glued flat seam for a seamless look under tight clothing. #tights #pantyhose #hosiery #nylons #tightslover ...

Normally don't pin VS wkout junk-but this has some great variations of leg/glute exercises....& using resistance bands, which I love for lower body:) Victoria's Secret Train Like An Angel - Runway Legs

I told this to my friend before she stopped liking him. She thought it was comical.

That is exactly what my tabby Tiffany looks like in winter ! Thank you to the original Pinner :)