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Art, Ethics and the Law - David Marr A video outlining the debate about Bill Henson's photographs in 2008. Students can make reference to this video and issue when writing about art ethics and laws in their exams and analysis booklets.

Bill Henson's photographs This was a major arts issue in 2008, where photographer Bill Henson was slammed by the media for his photographs of prepubescent children. Is it art, or is it a violation?

Appropriation in contemporary art. This article outlines Appropriation and how it is used in contemporary art. You can choose to use the example in this article, or other examples on this board to write about on your exam.

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Kon Karapanagiotidis ‏@Kon__K Professor Mick Dodson AM. The first #Aboriginal person to graduate from law in Australia in 1974. #DefiningMoments

Arts Law Centre of Australia This website contains all of the information students and teachers need to know about arts laws and ethics. The laws correspond with various art forms. Navigate your way through the website to explore some of the laws relative to your chosen artworks for your exam.

Cosimo Cavallaro's 'My Sweet Lord' statue. Cavallaro's anatomically correct statue of Jesus Christ caused uproar in the Catholic church. You can use this issue to write about arts laws and ethics in your exam.

ART ISSUE: Andres Serrano's 'Piss Christ'. A Herald Sun article about the blasphemy breaches caused by Andres Serrano's 'Piss Christ' sculpture. You can use this issue to talk about arts laws and ethics in your exam.

Gerard Henderson and David Marr debate the score for ICAC. #auspol Henderson looks like he farted.

David Marr, journalist, writer, no Twitter account but key influence on Twitter This website gives a glossary to all of the art terminology you need to know. It's got terms for materials, techniques, eras and phrases which can be used for you to practice your writing with.