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Dilemma No.1 in G Major

Dilemma in G Major

Rainbow melted crayon art...this would be cool in the kitchen :-)

30+ Cool Melted Crayon Art Ideas

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art possibly doing this tomorrow with Jeff, any ideas on where to get a huge canvas and a jumbo box of crayons lol

Drawing Techniques : How to Draw Staircases

Drawing staircases means playing with angles and depth. Learn how and where to add shading with the helpful tips given by a professional illustrator in this .

Рисуем няшки

Рисуем няшки

(6) Sergei Merkulov в Pinterest

(6) Sergei Merkulov в Pinterest

How to Draw an Eye using Charcoal, Step by step process

Hey guys, in this video I draw an eye, using nothing but black and white charcoal. I really hope you guys enjoy.

KC DoodleArt - YouTube

doodle art videos and pictures