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I haven't figured out all the reasons why, but I hate this words on the wall thing. And I love quotes and typography. This is like the home version of those soul-sucking "how to do GREAT customer service" posters you find in stockrooms.

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Fly Guy Presents The White House - Book Study. This pack includes: an anticipation guide, review quiz, glossary page, vocabulary review, 16 word cards, cause/effect activity, and patriotic writing paper.

What better way to write God's word on the heart of the house...I'd love to do this before we put new trim up.

In this product, students cut, sort and glue CVC words to match up the word family in the Santa house. This packet will enable students to recognize, differentiate, read and write CVC words. Clear, straight-forward, holiday-themed graphics and simple,not so busy design make these worksheets ideal for younger students.

Check out this easy way to teach word families to little ones! Super EASY prep-let the copy machine do it for you! ***Includes:-Word Families: at, et, it, in, an, ed, ot-Cover page for students to illustrate as a house-Blank page to add in your own word family-Ability to cut book into house shape-Three opportunities for students to practice writing the words YOU choose!*****Checkout My Other Products!!!******More Color BooksRed Book FREEBIEYellow BookOrange BookBrown BookGreen BookThanks…

Here's the ever-popular haunted house craft and writing with easy directions and great graphic organizers with text to get your writers enthusiastic about writing. Vocabulary word banks, and helpful planners, plus stationery make this a multi-pack of tools.

Here's an email I just received from a well-meaning, but very confused man; he didn't write this to ask my opinion or start a conversation-he wrote this to correct me. Specifically, he wanted to correct my recent article The Hyper-Charismatic House of Cards-Let It Fall and Be Free. I decided to respond to his false "Word of Faith" doctrine in this article, because I hope it will be helpful for people who are trying to think through these issues. This man's words a...

Find out what are the things you can see in a typical Japanese house. What are their names in Japanese? Check out here for more...

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