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H.H. Hadji Abbas Helmi II. Kedive of Egypt at Madina surrounded by a band, group of men with rifles and railroad train. Lithograph, color print created approximately in 1910. Credit: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA .

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الخديوي عباس حلمي الثاني خديوي مصر 1892 إلى عزله في 1914 كان رجلا وطنيا وقف في وجه الانجليز

H.E. Mohamed Ali Allouba Pasha On an Egyptian Stamp.

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[Ottoman Empire] Prince Omar Faruq Effendi (Şehzade Ömer Faruk Efendi)

Dame turque voilée (Veiled Turkish Lady) - 1880s Albumen Photograph by Pasqual Sébah | Arab Warrior | illustration of Gerry Embleton showing a syrian arab muslim warrior of the Ayyubid dynasty during the third crusade

Queen Nefertari Tomb in the Valley of the Queens QV66, Egypt

Everything they teach about Egypt in most schools is distorted. The people of Egypt called their country Kemet not Egypt. Kemet means black land. Egypt is a Greek concept. Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos. The greeks called the kemetians language hieroglyphs, but the people of Kemet called their language Medu Neter. Even the names we learn of the gods are wrong.

Pair of gold sandals that were found on the feet of Tutankhamun when the mummy was unwrapped in 1922. #love #eygpt #history

Soldiers of the 13th SS Division with a brochure about "Islam and Judaism", 1943.