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Get the Math is an interactive website that tries to show the connection between real life and math. Math in Music shows how a rap artist/music producer would use ratios to create sample music beats. The site is interactive so you can make the music yourself.

The Murder of Tupac Shakur Tupac Shakur was an intensely famous rapper known for his insightful and often contradictorily violent music.

@MJLocklear I'm having so much fun spotting NYC subway pics for your Connection board. :)

Get The Math - Videos of cool people saying how they use math in their jobs and problems to go with that idea - rapping, designing video games, fashion design.

Sites that I can't do without as a math teacher (and what's so special about each one!) Links to virtual manipulatives, discovery-based lessons, free graphing software, question prompts, eBooks, and more.... Tons of resources for math teachers

Graphagories Describing Graphs Game - Divide the class up into groups. Give each group a specific section of the dry erase board or give each group their own large dry erase board to write on at their desks. Project a graph on the board. Ss write as many descriptions of the graph as possible (a slope of 3, a y-int of 2...) If two teams have the same description, it gets knocked off the list.