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Who Stole the Mona Lisa? The theft of the world’s most famous portrait from the Louvre 100 years ago was not only the art heist of the century. It confirmed that this picture of a smiling woman was far more than a painting

A British newspaper cutting from December reporting the discovery of the painting in Florence.

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Mona Lisa, art theme for preschoolers, kleuteridee.nl, Art theme preschool It's very nice to the children to create their own work of art of the Mona Lisa. You give them a large sheet of paper with only the face and hands

ARTabroad.blogspot.com--Great ideas for rules posters in the art classroom

I recently read about the Mona Lisa call/response technique and being Mona Lisa ready. My students were already hearing me.

The Best Mona Lisa Parodies

The Best Mona Lisa Parodies

The Best Mona Lisa Parodies: 11 Hilarious Pictures Mona Lisa Parodies