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No words can explain the love for these boys that I have, that giant wave of feels just by a picture, a quote that feels to real to be true, these boys give me life and one day I will return theirs.💕💕

You and Calum had a huge fight about a week ago. It got to the point where you were almost throwing stuff at eachother. "MAYBE YOU SHOULD LEAVE!" He yelled. "MAYBE I WILL!" You yelled back and packed your things and left. Calum had nonstop been playing that in his head. He was scrolling through pics of you and him on his phone when Luke opened the car door. He looked up and you were there. The boys couldn't stand seein Calum like this. "I'm sorry," he spoke. "Me too," with that, you both…

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Michael looks like a vampire but an adorable, squishy, fluffy, incredibly attractive vampire

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