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Simba and Nala at the House of Mouse

"I've missed you so much...." ---Nala from the Lion King

The Lion King Couples Raglan Shirts - Simba and Nala Jasmine Matching Baseball Shirts - His and Hers Disney Inspired Custom Shirts

The Lion King Family Tree for reals???

they were one of my favorite toys.simba and nala 90s toys OMG I forgot these existed. Getting them was one of the best days of my life, I loved these things

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Epic Disney Watchfest 12: Peter Pan and Tarzan: A Review That Will Never Grow Up and If It Does It Will Be A Gorilla

Okay, I love disney a whole lot, but one of the Biggest reasons I love disney is the way they make the guys. It isnt the looks I'm talking about, its the looks they give. Especially when they look at the girls. It shows total love and adoration. Im so glad i have a man to look at me that way. I melt!

Simba + Nala / a DIY Halloween Couple Costume idea for next year!:

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Can We Guess Your Favorite Disney Couple?

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