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Team behind sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 suspends round-the-world attempt until at least 2016. http://cnn.it/1f2Z89s

Sun rises after the Swiss-made solar-powered plane Solar Impulse 2 takes off from the international airport in Nagoya, Japan, headed for Hawaii, on June 2015

Last Weekend, Half of Germany Was Running on Solar Power - That's right—half of all of Germany was powered by electricity generated by solar plants. That's incredible. It was also world record-breaking. Germany is pretty much singlehandedly proving that solar can be a major, reliable source of power—even in countries that aren't all that sunny.

Last Weekend, Half of Germany Was Running on Solar Power

Last Weekend, Half of Germany Was Running on Solar Power - This is what can happen when citizens and government agree that it's worth spending a bit more for clean, carbon free power.

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Truth - Truth raises your consciousness. First, accept the truth. Whatever you’re afraid to know lowers your consc.

Does Adding Solar Panels to My Home Increase The Value? What Happens if I Add Solar Power to The Front of My Home? http://www.maxrealestateexposure.com/solar-power-selling-buying-home/

Understanding Solar Power When Selling or Buying a Home

Toward the middle of 2012, a long standing solar filament suddenly erupted into space producing an energetic Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). The filament had been held up for days by the Sun's ever changing magnetic field and the timing of the eruption was unexpected.

Coronal Mass Ejection On August 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona, erupted out into space. The coronal mass ejection, or CME, traveled at over 900 miles per second.

Mac n' Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup. Combining all of your favorite comfort foods for one soothing soup!

Mac n' Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup

Renewable energy drawn from wind has taken off, and it's time to pause and look at what's happening in wind energy around the world today.

Wind Energy Today: A Look at Wind Energy Projects Around The World

Innovations in wind technology keep bringing us more efficient ways to harvest clean renewable energy from the air above us. Here& a collection of the new and exciting in the wind power revolution.

Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard landed Solar Impulse in Seville, Spain this morning, completing a three-day historic trip across the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane powered by only the sun's energy.

Bertrand PICCARD on

An experimental solar-powered airplane has left Spain for Egypt in the penultimate leg of its globe-circling voyage. Organizers said the Solar Impulse 2 flew out of Seville airport Monday and was heading for Cairo. The flight, piloted by .

Kids in Baltimore, MD use "yo" as a gender-neutral pronoun. Click through to read the NPR article.  Their intention does not seem to be to correct sexist language, but that is the end result nonetheless.

'Yo' Said What?

Employers Forced To Judge Job Candidates' Career Trajectory