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~Monroe hoes~(this is jayy's tags) @deathismybiggestwish Jackybear @ssherow pikagirl and Garrbear and Sassy @fallinangle batgirl nightmare @code...

Since I've scared all my friends about BVB I'm showing that they are not scary. This is Andy Biersack 2014


Happy birthday to Andy Biersack, the greatest person I have ever known. I can't- I cannot explain how much Andy means to me, he means the world to me. He has helped me through tough times, he's saved me from committing suicide multiple times, he's made me laugh when I feel like crying. So thank you so fucking much Andrew Dennis Biersack, it's been an amazing year. ❤️

Calm Down Wolf boy!

Do you even see how perfect Andy is? That perfect jaw line, those blue eyes, perfect hair... Onision's right. Andy IS an angel