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Thing is, I need to hear this, but I don't. I really don't. Best just go on lying, saying I'm fine. You get good at it after a while. Everyone starts to believe, and no one knows just how broken you are. Thanks, random person, I needed that. I really did.

People who think that they are ugly should take a look in the mirror and if it breaks you are ugly if it shines brighter than before you are beautiful! Has anyone! Has anyones mirror broke by looking in it!? Yeah that's what I thought!

Thats right everyone is beautiful in their own ways dont feel bad about who you are you are BEAUTIFUL no shame in that if you feel bad about yourself dont cuz there is no point in it dont hurt youself and dont trash your body cuz you are FLIPPIN BEAUTIFUL

Jokes are not funny if they are anyway rude to a person. Snooty bitches better calm down because they are ugly inside and out so I don't know why they hurt others to the point they want to hurt themselves.