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Anonymous said: i have really dark skin and shorter hair and i kinda wanted to dye my hair grey/silver. but im afraid it wont look as good. there arent many pictures that i can find with people who...

Need to try 🙌🏻 #Repost @farahdhukai ・・・ GET SMOOTH FRIZZ FREE SOFT HAIR + LIGHTEN UNEVEN SKIN/TAN + DARK MARKS oily hair and skin? dry skin? dark spots or marks like I do? hair STATICKY + FRIZZY? uneven tan/uneven skin? YES? This is the DIY for you. A recent DIY I was testing burned thru my skin and scarred. Also - my arms are darker than the rest of my body and my hair doesnt like the dry cold air -THIS is what I use to even out my complexion, lighten spots and get rid of frizz/static…

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How Can I Find What Auburn Shade Works For My Skin Tone?

Dear Dana, I love dark hair (right now my hair is auburn) but how can I figure out what hair tone would work for my skin? xoxo, Liz Hair color is so tricky, best advice, leave it up to the professionals. The perfect hair tone is achieved by combining the entire person as a palette. Read More >>

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Why Wouldn't I Love My Kinky Hair & Dark Skin

Why Wouldn’t I Love My Kinky Hair & Dark Skin? #teamnatural