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How to Turn 11 Everyday Phrases From Negative to Positive - Happify Daily

The words we speak have a huge impact on our emotions. Words like ‘should’, ‘could’ and ‘might’ are indicators of negative thinking and should be erased from your vocabulary, or reduced in the very least. Each phrase you speak should resonate positivity and indicate some sort of action in the ‘now.’ Even simple phrases such as ‘Someday I will travel to Europe’ and ‘I will try to get this project done’ should be used with care. - Allyson Spellman

From dissertation manuscript: representing the strength of accociations between prefixes and prepositional phrases. The size of the circle represents the absolute value of the strength. The color represents the direction of association: red signifies positive association, gray siginifies negative association (dissociation). (2012, LaTeX)

This pack includes the following: 28 Task Cards with phrases for positive and negative integers Number line from -10 to 10 Postive and Negative Categories card Use in whole group: sort or match students, practice naming integers based on phrases. Task rotation/review, reteaching word practice Math Center: Match up phrases with correct positive and negative categeory.