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Hiccup Sketch by Maggie Rice A random sketch I did. :).

Breeta sketch by Maggie Rice

Captain America by Maggie Rice. YAS, DRAWING MAH SENIOR CITIZENS!!!! Speedpaint's up, and prints are for sale if you're interested. :D @Sarah and Sonja Hills, this is also for you!

"Fields of Grace" by Maggie Rice, as suggested by @ninaladiva98 . Hope you like it!! And if any of you are interested, the piece is available in my Etsy shop. :)

"Fannah, Shahar..." by Maggie Rice. Okay, so this is a sketch of Breeta and her mother. And it's not very good. :P

Heyo everyone!!! So guess what?! I finally started an Etsy!! If you click on the link it should take you to my profile, which then leads to my shop. :) So, feel free to go and check out what I have! Thanks everyone, and have a great day!!

Star girl galaxy colored pencil drawing art print// Prints are available if you're interested!! :D

Merlin Sketch page by Maggie Rice. Part of an older doodle page I'm working on. I'd share the rest of the doodles with ya'll, but the rest of them aren't any good. XD

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