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Hehehe - am i touching that? oh hell no!

that's me with any spider! dose them hard!!! I hate creepy crawlies

LOL! Personally I like (most) spiders<<<<< I really don't mind spiders I think they're pretty cool

'And do you solemnly swear to protect me from spiders as long as we both shall live?'

seems reasonable #funnyspider #lol

Yes, that should just about do it.

Tee-hee! I know some like this about spiders and snakes too! ;-)

So Annabeth sent Percy a desperate text for help. When he came in, Riptide ready, she was just cowering in the corner and pointed at the bathroom... Percy found this. He applauded her for catching it, though she didn't move again for five hours... <<< dawwwww

from Ann's Entitled Life

Laugh For Today

Labrador.Too funny! Protect him!