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ummm sweaty,,, they can be used for one person,, "oh your teacher said something to you? what did they say?"

Lol. 'You had me at Star-Lord' (btw is this real or fake? Like am I pinning an unintentional spoiler???)

This is good information. And although I highly respect the women, I don't really respect any culture that makes women cover up their bodies to hide them. Just my opinion. But of course I will always be respectful enough to call the garments by their correct word and never disrespect any of these women.

11/17/16-HOUSTON-Robert's a big ole country boy who hasn't grown into his feet yet. We call him the "Gentle Giant". He's about 5 months old and growing like a weed. He is respectful of our more dominant dogs and he gets along well with all people and dogs. When we walk him on a leash he wants everyone to notice him and will wag his ta il for a greeting. He has learned to sit for treats. He knows not to jump up and will sit for you to greet him and pet him. He sleeps in a crate or on the dog…

THANKS YOU! when a teenager "rebels" against their parents its because they are tired of being expected to act like and adult but treated like a child. Its sickening.

It’s Thanksgiving which means tables decorated with tiny porcelain figures of Native Americans sharing corn with pilgrims. It’s a holiday about being grateful, coming together, and being at peace but...