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1940. Now who could't live with out quick mix Hot Chocolate Milk. I know I sure couldn't. - For Framed Old Crate Labels and Vintage Ads.

Vintage Food Ads & Vintage Foods on Pinterest | Vintage Ads ...

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40 Vintage (Retro) Advertisements for Inspiration

hershey's advertisement #vintage. I have a Recipe Book with same boy and girl with out Cocoa box or Baking chocolate on it and it is dated 1934. Karen

New Cure for Drunks – TAWNY COCAINE PORT wine, Dr. Harold Boggs, Founder

An amazing Health warning..unpopular candidate for the hospital

vintage_ads: Swiss Chocolat Suchard ads, 1890s-1920s

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20 Creepy Vintage Ads Featuring Children

DuPont Cellophane, 1954 Oh I should TRULY not be laughing at this. Just...they wrapped babies in plastic! Babies! In Plastic! Was plastic so NEW in the 50's that they didn't know they shouldn't wrap babies in it???

vintage ads 1892 collage sheet ~free to use