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Board Short

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The Ratcatcher Shirt

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Oversized Top

The Oversized Shirt

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Harem Pants

AKA: Hammer pants, drop-crotch pants, Turkish pants, Bloomers How to say it: har-emTraditional Features: baggy around the hipgathered in at the kneefitted from the knee to the anklelow crotch seamOrigins......of the style: The Harem pant has quite the history. Originally worn by Persian women some 2,000 years ago, the pant was extremely baggy around the hip and crotch…

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AKA: burkini How to say it: bur-kee-nee Traditional Features:  covers the whole body except the face, hands and feet fitted silhouette but not skin-tight consists of a tunic and full length pants made from swimsuit material 21st Century Burqinis The burqini is definitely a specialty item in swimwear, and as such is not as visible on the market…

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Vladimir Bobri Bobritsky Artist Illustrator Hanes Seamless Stockings Ad 1960

paperink id: ads9500 Vladimir Bobri Bobritsky Artist Illustrator for this vintage Hanes Frog AD 1960 "She's Irresistible in Hanes Seamless Stockings" ORIGINAL PERIOD Collectible Magazine Advertisement

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Epaulette Shirt

The Epaulette Shirt

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Cut-Out Swimsuit

AKA: cutout swimsuit How to say it:  kuht-out  swim-soot Traditional Features:  one-piece swimsuit with cut-out sections of varying sizes cut-out sections generally located on the sides or front of the swimsuit cut-out sections can be nude, or covered with mesh or lace 21st Century Cut-out Swimsuits Cut-out swimsuits are still a massive trend in 2014 and designers are…