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Reminds me of Sarah. God promised her a child, but she took matters WAY into her own hands. That ended up biting her in the butt.

The Thing Is, I Think You Needed To Happen To Me. To Save Me From A Life That Was Not Meant For Me. To Show Me There Is Better People, Living And Feelings Than What I Was Used To.


"I went to Lake Yamanakako to capture Diamond Fuji, a phenomenon, in which the sun overlaps the top of Mt. Fuji (Japan). I arrived at the point an hour before the phenomenon and set up two tripods. Just when the sun is finally overlapping the top of Fuji, a swan came right in front of me and flapped his wings..." - Yuga Kurita

Which Magic Spell Do You Need?

((Open RP)) It is late at night. The time of night when your deepest secrets come out. I sit on my bed and tell my best friend my secret. "I was chosen at birth for a very special mission." I tell him. "Sure you were, Jess!" He says rolling his eyes. "No, really I was!" I say frusterated, showing him what I could do. I wasn't suposed to tell any one, let alone show them. But I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. There was one other person somewhere in the world who was like me. My mission…

Actions speak louder and truer... Believing someones actions above their words will protect you from the wrong people if you pay attention, don't ignore, excuse or rationalize away the duality and follow through with dismissing them when they SHOW you who they really are.