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Game of Thrones: Series 1 Set (5 Minifigs) - miniBIGS Custom Figure made from Genuine LEGO Minifigure Elements

Future of #maersk | MAERSK HIGHLINER | The Maersk Highliner MkI is a supercapital sized freighter designed with versatility in mind. The giant cargo bay can hold anything up to frigate sized ships. The Dorsal Bay allows for easy manoeuvering of entering ships. It also features a compact refinery and several processing smart-hatches which can fill every compartment of the upper hull with any kind of resource, ore, fluid. #LEGO

Awesome Lego Gundam Must Become an Official Set NOW

It may not be as huge as the impossibly cool full Gundam in Tokyo, but this perfect Lego reproduction of the Gundam is a lot more fun—made to minifig scale and fully posable.

Massive Lego Mass Effect 2 Spaceship Is Massively Cool

A high school student built this sexy long, Mass Effect 2 replica of the Normandy and it's simply gorgeous. Ben Caulkins completed this build while preparing for college and taking the SATs. So, it's no wonder that it took him 7 months.