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Dholes on Alert. Dholes are great communicators and use an eerie whistle to communicate with each other. They also use a variety of other noises, including clucks and high-pitched screams that are not found anywhere else in the canid families. One of the reasons dholes keep such a large home range is the need to find enough prey to eat. Dhole packs often hunt as a group, with one lead dog in charge. - See more at:

Cão-selvagem-asiático (Cuon alpinus) é uma espécie de canideo nativa da Rússia, Mongólia, Casaquistão, Quirguistão e Tadjiquistão.

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14 of Your Dog's Wild Relatives

Dhole The dhole (Cuon alpinus) of Asia is a dog of the Caninae family and Canini tribe, but has its own genus. You would recognize this creature as a dog, but it has more teats and fewer teeth than Canis, and whistles more than it barks or howls. They live in the forests and steppes of Russia, the Himalayas, and even as far south as Java. The biggest number of these endangered dogs live in India. Photograph by Flickr user Amit Kotwal.

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The Red Fox: Males are referred to as reynards, females as vixens, and young as kits, pups or cubs. A group of foxes is a "skulk", "troop" or "earth". Their main diet is insects, reptiles, berrys and nuts. They, like squirrels, are hoarders. They gather, eat just enough for the day, and then store the rest for snow days.

ASIATIC WILD DOG or DHOLE Cuon alpinus ©conwest_john The dhole is anearly-endangered, highly social animal, living in large clans which occasionally split up into small packs to hunt. It primarily preys on medium-sized ungulates, which it hunts by tiring them out in long chases, and kills by disemboweling them. Unlike most social canids (but similar to African wild dogs), dholes let their pups eat first at a kill. Though fearful of humans, dhole packs are bold enough to attack large and…

Dhole (Wild Dog) Pair A pair of Indian wild dogs in a watering hole in Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh. By MykReeve, Flickr.

The Dhole! The perfect blend between a fox and a wolf!! Also called the "Indian Wild Dog" these canids are native to South and Southeast Asia. They live in clans and behave much like African Wild Dogs (both of which are less territorial than Wolves). — with Kevin Niemi, William Roman Sena and Petra Jovic.