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She'S Mine,Just Me

Willow who sways in the storm (Willow). She is smart and quick on her feet. She loves to learn and fight. Willow loves her littermates and would give her life to protect them. She is very fond of water and likes jumping and running around. Mate: Lion. Kits: Expecting. PB: Me .

This reminds me of my grandfather's buyboats that he oystered with on the Chesapeake and Mobjack Bays. Another pinner wrote--old boat

heterochromia - 2 different colored eyes Never can remember the name of this for my Katie Bug.

He destroyed a part of me, something that I can't fix, and I don't think I have the strength to try and fix it...

Saffy moved toward me and I stepped back, pushing myself against the wall. "Bracey, now that Bronx is gone.." She began, staring into my eyes. I blinked down at her. "What?" I asked dumbly. She stood on her toes, so her lips were about level with mine. "I've always, liked you." She sighed. I pushed her away. "Saf, it's not real. You just miss him. That's all." I whispered, hoping it was true. -Rory Lee