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Papy fait de la résistance...


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Spiders web- two reasons... First it looks amazing. And second I love the way it is so symmetrical, I think it's really effective.

No words were needed though many were said, we always had that connection, that inexplicable feeling ... The way you looked at me, the intensity with which I could feel your every emotion with just one gaze, you could never say the words again and I'd know you loved me just by how you looked at me.

C'est la #vie pas le #paradis, c'est ce que prétend mon Nini mais peut être que ce soir elle révise ses positions...dans tous les sens...

"On a dû te dire qu'il fallait réussir dans la vie. Moi, je te dis qu'il faut vivre. C'est la plus grande réussite du monde." - [Jean Giono]