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To live in an apartment with a bedroom like this for two years of my life is my dream.

What's everyone up to today ? Hope you all have a nice day xxx


Ces combles ont été transformés en de magnifiques chambres à coucher ! De quoi donner des idées...

Attic in a barn feel. slanted ceiling, italian lights, dark wood baseboard with storage, sky light, wood paneling, secret book storage, gray, grey, white wash, whitewash,

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Spazio Cielo inaugura nel cuore di Brera

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I paced back and forth and every now and then, glanced out the window. This was a living nightmare. Sleep used to be the only thing that gave me peace, now I can't bare to close my eyes. I take a sip of water. It tasted funny. I ran quickly over to the sink and poured salt into a glass and gulped it down, trying to get the other back up out of my system. But it was too late. The edges of my vision started to blur and grow black. The last thing I see is someone coming through my window. (Open…