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The Best You March 2013 - an inspirational magazine that will educate and entertain you!

Start each day with the intention to treat yourself as you would treat anyone that you love- with kindness and respect. This means making healthy choices that will fuel you positively. Imagine your body is a temple and treat it like one!

Effective tips to free your mind from fear. Learn Paul McKenna's insights to get fear out of your mind.

FOOD FIGHTER: Does Whole Foods’ C.E.O. know what’s best for you? | BY NICK PAUMGARTEN, The New Yorker (January 4, 2010) | Click image to read article.

Never.Life is too wonderful! Sometimes people yell and try to get the best of you, and it just means they're dealing with their own issues. Just stand for what you believe in, stay away from negative people, and everything will work out

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