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from From up North

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration

Mixed Graphic Design Inspiration | From up North mise en page #editorial mise en page #editorial

Learn to Read Art: A Surviving History of Printed Matter, Inc. - exhibit at Art Basel 2013

from Used Luck

5 Free graphic design e-courses for absolute beginners

If I could invest in my professional skills, I would definitely improve my graphic design skills. It’s something I really love, and helps me work and blog better. And the things is, it’s not a matter of money anymore – the opportunities are out there, and it’s FREE. The only thing a person needs these days is a dedication and a commitment. Have a look at these 5 totally free graphic design courses.

from Printed Matter

Type Specimen Sheets homework assignment

Typeface Franklin Gothic was designed by Morris Fuller Benton. I love how this poster is split in half, and everything is tilted to a diagonal. It reminds me of Cruella de Vil. Very dramatic and makes me want to look at it more.

Hasami - Jyunichi Hayama and Yuko Maltino Murakawa (DEJIMAGRAPH)

Average Graphic Design Rates. For Designers : use this as a reference to set your rates. For Business Owners : Know what to expect in terms of cost for design services.

womenofgraphicdesign: “ Georgia Cranstoun (London) Back to the Futura postcard set, 2015 ”