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Shut up, it'll work.

Funny pictures about Harry has a plan. Oh, and cool pics about Harry has a plan. Also, Harry has a plan.

jam-art: what if like, draco didnt know what the mirror of erised was and harry made him go up to it and stood next to him and harry was like ” what do you see draco” and draco replied ” what do you mean what do i see its a mirror”

<<<<QuesWhat if Draco looked in the Mirror of Erised and didn't know how it worked and replied "what, Potter, forgot how a mirror works?"<<<<Question: Why is Harry black? (No offense to anyone)


Has anyone else noticed that proud, stuck up Bellatrix had the only ugly wand of the bunch. Maybe the wand chooses based on the heart!

Harry Potter Interactive Wand Experience - Universal Studios Orlando - Travel with the Magic - Amy@TravelWithTheMagic.com

The New Interactive Wand Experience at Universal

12 Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Rethink Everything #collegehumor #lol

Usually when people write, it's bigger than typed, so they aren't even doing that much work! This is why I want to go to Hogwarts! (Also don't forget they were complaining about their MAGIC homework at their MAGIC school!

Knew some of these already but it's always good to keep Harry Potter facts at hand

Harry Potter Fact- I pinned this mostly for the third from the bottom. It was sweet of Helena to check on Emma afterward, and the "I await a guardian" which I think is really cool too.