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Step 3 Identify the Surnames that reoccur as DNA matches

Step 2 View the Surnames of the people you match on your DNA results

Step 5 Stick pins on the Surnames on the areas where they occur on the Surnames of Ireland Map

Genealogy book - surname study/DNA

Facing a "brick wall" in your genealogy research? Try DNA matching

Ireland has one of the oldest systems of patri- lineal hereditary surnames in the world. Using the paternal co-inheritance of Y-chromosome DNA and Irish surnames, we examined the extent to which modern surname groups share a common male-line ancestor and the general applicability of Y-chromosomes in uncov- ering surname origins and histories. DNA samples were collected from 1,125 men, bearing 43 different surnames, and each was genotyped for 17 Y-chromosome short tandem repeat (STR) loci.

The Surnames of Ireland Map | Irish Origenes: Use Family Tree DNA to Discover Your Genetic Origins | Clans of Ireland | Irish Surnames Map

confused by AncestryDNA matches

Tips for understanding Genetic Genealogy DNA test matches from the Genealogy Insider

Border Reiver surname map showing Border Reiver family names from both sides - Scotland & England.