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Truth and yet, fiction. Any Pisces worth their salt knows "stuff", isn't real. What would be the point of having things, if you didn't want people touching them? I for one am quite fond of people touching my things. Pisces are however, sentimental creatures who may tie memories and emotions to things. Thus even stuff of nominal value can be precious to them. -Triton

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[ ] I want to do a bit more than just buy a full meal. There have been times in my life where we have almost been homeless, I know that feeling. On the other hand, I know of someone that told me that they saw a homeless guy on the street with a sign begging for money, and he went and bought the person a meal at a fast food place. But, after he gave it to him and walked away, he saw the guy throw it away in the trash. So, maybe he was not an honest man.

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We share willingly. This is more about valuing and taking care of our things and worrying others won't respect that.

Solidarity Paper and Staples. Or Hands across the water. Or Solidarnosc Along the Susquehanna (or Second Street Corridor.) [editor's note: me & Kev & Amy live close to the Susquehanna and share the same shelf-lining cellulose product.] And in the big city, ya gotta stick together. UNION NOW!

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