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Each day is a monumental struggle for me not to act on what crashes and storms through my mind--especially when I perceive real or imagined rejection, criticism, or abandonment. My hope is that people can love me where I'm at on my journey and believe in my goodness. I believe in yours.

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Stifling ourselves with the need to be right

We are all guilty of at least one of these, but if we become aware of them, we can train our minds to do the opposite.

Borderline Personality Disorder These are all to true. Definitely the self assurance, if I won the lotto I would def get plastic surgery. Pay to have tutors to learn things so I wouldn't be so ignorant. This isn't a cry for help, it's allowing my emotion to not be bottled up.

Judge not, lest you be judged. I am my biggest critic, so, I don't require your criticism.

Just to further prove the asshole is my real personality

I remember when I first considered getting my real estate license. I had no idea exactly what I was...

I remember when I first considered getting my real estate license. I had no idea exactly what I was...

Quote on borderline: It doesn’t matter how many times a person tells me they like me. I always think they can change their mind instantly. Always with the fear of rejection. I know it may not be a reality, but it feels very real. -Ana Landa

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not all those who wander are lost. - deep roots are not reached by the frost.

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Invalidating someone else is not merely disagreeing with something that the other person said. It is a process in which individuals communicate to another that the opinions and emotions of the target are invalid, irrational, selfish, uncaring, stupid, most likely insane, and wrong, wrong, wrong. Invalidators let it be known directly or indirectly that their target's views and feelings do not count for anything to anybody at any time or in any way.

So true... When you wake up after only a couple hours because you feel suffocated...