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Perfect Duck Confit

Nothing compares to Duck. Duck Confit to be precise. The crisp skin, the tenderly succulent meat, marry them with whipped mashed potatoes and you’ve got a meal that one won’t forget soon. This year I am seriously considering switching traditional Thanksgiving turkey with duck… Duck Confit is a traditional French recipe. Centuries ago when refrigerators [...]

How to Make Potatoes

Because almost everybody seems to love potatoes, it's worth mastering more than a few ways to make them. Mashed potatoes turn into potato cakes and shepherd's pies; scalloped potatoes can be an everyday side or a luxurious main; baked potatoes can be dinner, or hash browns. Read on for even more ideas and techniques.

Slow-Cooker Cassoulet

NYT Cooking: Many look down their noses at the slow cooker, but it's perfect for some dishes. Stews, for one. This sausage, duck and white bean stew is rich and hearty, and you can leave the dish wholly unattended for five to seven hours as it cooks. Brown the meat before you put it in the pot or not.

The Best Roast Turkey - perfectly cooked and moist

Step-by-Step Guide to The Best Roast Turkey. A tried-and-true recipe for making a perfectly cooked and moist turkey every time. Detailed photos & tips take away the guesswork for beginner and experienced cooks. From The Yummy Life.

Guinness Bangers and Mash

Guinness Bangers and Mash "This is a "meat & potatoes" meal if I ever saw one. Very hearty!! Good Irish Comfort food."