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SOCIAL MEDIA DETOX - I'll be traveling for 1 week and will not connect as often. I know you will miss my posts . Ill be posting soon... - - DETOX DE REDES SOCIALES - Estaré de viaje por una semana y no podré publicar como usualmente hago. Yo se!! Extrañaran mis publicaciones . Estaré de regreso pronto... - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

Self-live is the highest love you can aspire to. - - Amor propio es el amor mas alto al que debes aspirar. - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

After 1 week off! My body needed a rest. I needed a major body reset. Besides I wanted to enjoy the holidays and eat guilt free! - - De regresó al gym después de 1 semana de reposo. Al fin de año le doy a mi cuerpo 1 semana para volver a reajustarse. Aparte que quería disfrutar los días festivos y comer sin culpa! - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

Self Love is the highest love we can aspire to. Fall in love with yourself. Become the "love of your life." - - El Amor Propio es el amor más alto e intenso al que debes aspirar. Enamorate de ti misma. Conviertete en el amor de tu vida. - - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

"Is not you against the world. Is you against your fears." Mary Miranda. Fear is the #1 reason why we are not living the life we are meant for. Why we don't take chances in life. Why we are afraid of being in love. Why we stay in jobs we hate. Why we don't start a business. Being afraid is just keeing you for living a fulfilling life. Dont live with regrets of what could have happened act and face your fears so you never wonder. My 2017 intention is to eliminate fear from my life…

You will only fail if you give up on yourself. - - Solo fracasarás si te rindes. - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

Focus on your goals as you focus on your workouts. - - Enfócate en tus metas así como te enfocas en tus entrenamientos. - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

Did you know is this simple? #Selflove heals all. You will become 10X the person you are! You will enhance your worth and value. Everything will fall into place and you will be able to make better decisions. - Do you agree? - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .

A deep love resides inside each of us. This love is independent of the desires thoughts and opinions good or bad which are readily offered to us. It is a love that is gentle and kind accepting and nonjudgmental playful and spontaneous courageous and curio

Be Love. Be Light - - Se un se de Amor y Luz - - . . . fb twitter snapchat pinterest @MaryMirandaFit .