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How Pixar is literally helping people with mental issues. When I say I want to make these movies and help change lives, people are like "....k....." but this is it!

Circle of Control I think it is crucial to teach children at a young age that they cannot stress about things out of their control. I know personally, it took me a very long time to grasp this concept because I was never taught as a young student. This will help with mental health issues in that students will learn how to manage their anxieties.

Eating disorders are driven by an intense fear of becoming overweight, damaging both physical and mental health. The two most common eating disorders are anerexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, although their symptoms are often mixed.Eating disorders affect seven girls in every 1,000, and one boy in every 1,000. It usually begins to be a problem at teenage years, but can happen at any time.It's not known for certain what causes them, but many factors could play a part --Social pressure…

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Positive Thinking Cards

This deck was designed to help students learn how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s helpful for students who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or other mental health issues. The download includes 2 separate decks – a version for older students and a version for younger students – as well as an ink-friendly version of each deck!

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A FREE [beautiful] Mental Health Art Journal workbook from It's a great method to sort through issues.

Kid's Behavior issues- a way to conceptualize. Remember, though, to always keep the biopsychosocial perspective in mind!

Borderline Personality Disorder is a severe mental illness in which the sufferer experiences...

Tumblr – “I just got done reading something about mental disorders…” I feel much better about all five of my issues now…