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4 big reasons you look fat in photographs.

21 Simple ways to learn digital photography and how to master your camera. These…

22 things you can do today to change your photography forever. Do it. Seriously, do it. It takes just a day, and you will have learned something useful. If you really want to learn to use your camera, do this ASAP.

OCT  25  2011  Photoshop Tutorial – how this photo was edited from start to finish.

50 Excellent Photoshop Photo Effect Tutorials [Part III]

B.You: Blog Tip: Basic Photo Tips for Bloggers

Here is another example of an easy to set up photo shoot. One of the best tips in this walk through is to invest in a tripod. Tripods are your best friends!

7 (really common) Photography Mistakes to Avoid

9 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

9 Common Photography Mistakes to Avoid. Enjoyed this article--worth the read if you like photography tips. is my mistake.

How To Figure Out Your DSLR - Chits and Giggles Blog #photography #canon #DSLR

How To: Figure Out Your DSLR - Chits and Giggles

Just a reminder of my analog long time ago course, only with digital. "Learning to shoot in manual doesn't have to be scary or confusing with these simple steps. Learn what aperture, shutter speed and ISO means.


Have you recently had a baby and decided to buy a Big Girl Camera to capture all that squishiness? Are you overwhelmed by all the buttons and not sure where to start? Here are the basic buttons for a Nikon DSLR Camera. If you have a Canon DSLR check

Tips for Photographing Christmas Lights  1. Set your ISO high – 1600 or higher 2. Close your aperture (f/14 or higher) for a starburst effect 3. Slow down your shutter speed 4. Use a tripod or set your camera on something safe and steady 5. Turn on ambient lights in the rooms surrounding the tree but turn off lights in that room

Christmas Light photo tip- Turn on ambient lights in the rooms surrounding the tree, but turn off lights in that room

10 Pro Tips to Improve Your Blog Photography #photography #blog #photographytips

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