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Dinosaur 'Romeo and Juliet' Found Buried Together

“World’s Biggest Dinosaur” Discovered

from Mail Online

Dinosaur with wings like a BAT found in China

The new dinosaur, named Yi qi (shown above in the artists reconstruction), had unusual bristle-like feathers and bat-like wings that were covered in a membrane. The dinosaur may have been able to glide and even flap

Dinosaur dubbed 'chicken from hell' was armed and dangerous

After 13-Year Quest, Clouded Leopards Confirmed Extinct in Taiwan

Tardigrades are one of a handful of animals which can live without water (Copyright: SPL) A strange creature has a trick that could change the delivery of vaccines – and other medical supplies – forever.

from Live Science

No Crap: Missing 'Mega Poop' Starves Earth

Earth has a poop problem. The extinction of whales and other megafauna has resulted in a shortage of mega-manure, which is essential for spreading nutrients around the globe at sea and on land.

from io9

Mysterious 500 Million-Year-Old Predators Are the Ancestors of Spiders

Anomalocaridids[derivation 1] are a group of very early marine animals known primarily from fossils found in Cambrian deposits in China, USA, Canada, Poland and Australia. Anomalocarids are the largest Cambrian animals known — some Chinese forms may have reached 2 m (7 ft) in length — and most of them were probably active carnivores.

from CBC News

New dinosaur called 'feathered poodle from hell'

A reconstruction shows what the newly discovered winged and feathered dinosaur Zhenyuanlong suni might have looked like. It lived in what is now China during the Early Cretaceous period, about 125 million years ago.

from CBC News

Tiny T. Rex cousin once roamed the Arctic

New dinosaur, cousin of T. Rex, discovered in Arctic