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Your Heart is the most Powerful part of your being, from the first Heart beat in your Mothers Womb, you become life, the ever existing infinite Love beyond fear and only with Love are we born. Return to that Innocence and Never let it go. You are a Child of the Universe and we Love you. <3 -Mary Long-

The Divine Miss M tweets truth about Mike Pence at the theatre

Angel Number 222. Listen to your intuition and follow your thoughts. It is the whispers of your guardian Angels guiding you towards the next step in your journey. Angels send this number to encourage you to remain positive as the grid is shifting to assist you in aligning with your purpose.

The wisdom of Eckhart Tolle - Miraculous transformation

Everything....that You are going through is preparing you for what you asked for. #Abraham-Hicks

When you realize that you are the Universe, you feel the Power of Creation beating in your Heart's. Like a Giant Ocean Wave of Infinite Love. <3 -Mary Long-