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Clemantine Wamariya: Human Rights Activist to Speak at T.A.P Event

A clip from The Supreme Price, a new documentary about human rights activist Hafsat Abiola. Documentary by filmmaker Joanne Lipper. Article by Chris Heller for The Atlantic Monthly.

The Ongoing GOP Congressional Witch-Hunt Against Palestine's Human Rights Supporters | Alternet | "Republicans like Peter King are inviting neoconservatives to Congress to smear Muslim civil rights activists as secret terror conspirators." Click to read and share the full article.

from CNN

Lawyer fights 'widow cleansing' tradition in Malawi -

Lawyer and human rights activist Seodi White has long been an outspoken campaigner for gender justice in Malawi, a country where half its women are married before the age of 18. Click on her image to read the full CNN article.

Join us for a distinguished lecture by Kimberlé Crenshaw, Professor at Law at UCLA and Columbia Law School. Crenshaw is a leading authority in the area of Civil Rights; Black feminist legal theory; and race, racism, and the law. Her articles have appeared in the Harvard Law Review, National Black Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, and Southern California Law Review. A specialist on race and gender inequality, she has facilitated workshops for human rights activists around the world. Q & A…

from the Guardian

Berta Cáceres, Honduran human rights and environment activist, murdered

Berta Cáceres, Honduran human rights and environment activist, murdered Cáceres, who was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her opposition to one of Central America’s biggest hydropower projects, was shot at home

from Slate Magazine

Meet the Country Whose Jailing of Human Rights Activists Is Even More Brutal Than Russia’s

Azerbaijan is decimating its human rights activists, and why not? It’s faced almost no consequences for its repression. Azerbaijan has had a consistently poor human rights record, but starting in mid-2012, in an effort to silence independent voices, the Azerbaijani authorities began imprisoning dozens of political activists, human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers, and others on various trumped-up charges, including hooliganism, drug possession, and tax evasion. Like its northern…

Washington State Republican Senator to Introduce New Crime Bill Targeting Protestors as “Economic Terrorist” | "On Wed Nov 16, WA State Sen Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, stated that he is crafting a bill that would create a new crime of 'economic terrorism' targeting protesters. According to the Seattle Times, “He said the aim was to punishing environmentalists, tribal activists & others who obstruct oil & coal trains, pipelines & similar projects.” Click to read & share the full article.