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Good Vibes HERE (The Good Vibe)

Find the humor. Find the Good. Find the lesson. Find the reason why you are having the issue. But most of all find the courage to call it a blessing and be thankful for it. Someday you'll know why that was important.

I work in a sushi restaurant and a few days ago someone with a trump shirt ordered the Mexican roll. It took all I had to not say "Sorry, we don't have that any more, its illegal."

Find the will make you happier about the situation.

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22 Funny Tumblr Posts That Are Practically Works Of Art

None Pizza With Left Beef, c. 2013. Artist: thatsnotwatyourmomsaid. | 22 Funny Tumblr Posts That Are Practically Works Of Art

Sigh... I have a new idea in the middle of writing one. I want to write this new one, but I have nO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT!

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Cada vez que encuentras en una situación difícil un poco de humor, tú ganas.

You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto things that make you sad. (Finding Neverland)

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More Christian Memes for You to Laugh At!

We know that feeling. :(