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Polish pooch rescued from icy river by firemen

AYUDAR A LOS DEMAS es mejorarse a si mismo. No importa lo que vaya a dar tu mano, siempre que sea para el bienestar de los otros y que venga de los sentimientos más nobles de tu corazón. (Yoly Mora)

Joaquin Phoenix speaks out over China's horrific dog leather trade

'One of the worst things I've ever seen': Joaquin Phoenix speaks out after watching horrific video of dogs being brutally slaughtered in China to be made into LEATHER

Alcoholic bears are finally freed thanks to Brigitte Bardot foundation

Two alcoholic bears fed beer and caged at a Russian restaurant have been saved thanks to Brigitte Bardot's animal rights charity. A court ordered the bears to be confiscated from the restaurant in Sochi, in south-western Russia's Krasnodar Krai region, after they were found lying in a filthy cage surrounded by rubbish. The pair developed drinking problems after customers were permitted to buy them beer...

Soi Dog Foundation - End the Dog Meat Trade. This is just shocking that it happens in this day & age

Puppy survives being buried alive as he is recovering from injuries

A four-month-old mixed-breed male puppy, nicknamed Moxie, was found last week as he tried to dig his way out of the ground on Boy Scout Road in Augusta, Georgia.

Meet Hope the horse who miraculously survived brutal starvation

2 year old Hope the horse from NC is recuperating from many sores and starvation miraculously-survived-brutal-starvation-trot-fours-again.html