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Kekai Kotaki on

Jessi and Aleks

Another picture from the Day and Night series by Rebekah Holguin. Per the artist, "it is a sequential story featuring a lonely, bored and cheeky Night who kidnaps the Day to make his surroundings more interesting."

Heaven possesses the ability to see the future, impacting her life. She was born of time and is changing slowly. Her beauty magnified and her unusual golden eyes are a whisper of the things to come...

Knights of the Sacred Lady... and their dames. Or Sidhe. Love the ribbons on the horses and cloaks.

from Kotaku

Beautiful Fantasy Art That Deserves To Hang On A Wall

dull., Eve Ventrue on ArtStation at

Finn had come to understand the shifting colors of Tove's eyes, a byproduct of the ancient runes inked on the skin. When they chased each other over the snowy hills like fleeting ghosts, her eyes glowed bright green. Or when they hunted with bows drawn taut, her eyes shifted to dark orbs, yet calmed to an earthy sage when she taught him the mysteries of the earth magics. [Fate's Fables excerpt.] Art by Ninjatic on deviantART

One of my favorite activities to transcend into my peaceful inner self is sleeping. This picture portrays a girl sleeping in nature but what i really like about this is the way she sleeps surrounded by nature. Peacefully embracing what is around her.