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There's a reason God puts people on our minds. Sometimes, they need prayer for a specific purpose RIGHT THAT SECOND. Your prayers matter and are effective!

I try to remember this every day. And I try to remind others of the same. We are only here on earth for a short time. Remember that we are on earth with three things to accomplish. We are here to Teach, Learn and Love. Nothing else matters. Do Your Part.

this is so true...the Bible says that the devil is a BEAUTIFUL angel starting in Ezekiel 28:10

Do the right thing, even when you feel unappreciated or it won't pay off. Maybe not at that moment but when you really need it.

I believe this for sure! When I was younger, I let my anger get the best of me. I would blow up, no care who I took it out on. Now that I'm older, MATURE, I am able to sit back and think about what made me angry and what the adult reaction would be.

Psalm 8:1 " YAHWEH" This is what God said to Moses when Moses asked, "What do I say when they ask who sent me?" Exodus 3 To say "YAHWEH" in Hebrew, sounds like breathing; just as God breathed life into us. HIS NAME BRINGS LIFE.. Amen.